SMS Marketing

Target your Customers with a Faster,
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We are customized SMS solutions providers that help brands to launch successful  

SMS marketing campaigns.

your target

We offer a number of options to choose to choose your target audience.

Identify the area

You can select specific areas for e.g. (Lahore, DHA, Johar Town, Cantt or Islamabad F10, Blue area)

Choose Demographics

This include Age, Gender, Interests, Monthly income and more.

Targeted Marketing

Target your audience based on their internet usage. For e.g. (We are able to tell you the number of users you want to target who visit “clothing websites” in specific area like Lahore DHA, Johar Town, Gulberg and more.

Services We offer...

Send Branded SMS

We run Branded SMS campaigns containing the brand names that ensure legitimacy and increase credibility to your SMS campaign message. In the market, people trust more on messages with brand names than no names on the message. 

Send Bulk SMS

Send your Business Message to as many people as you want.  Simply let us know your requirements and about your targeted audience. We have conducted a number of successful campaigns with productive results.

SMS API Integration

API Integration with Software allows you to get alerts relating to your business, i.e. you can get an SMS Alert when any employee will mark attendance or close the Outlet or Business Branch.

SMS sending Portal

We provide a user-friendly SMS sending portal that allows you to set your SMS campaigns with various options. Simply upload your numbers database with no limitations and easily send as many SMS Messages as you want to your users. 

Send Messages from Spread Sheets

You can directly send messages from spreadsheet, simply type your mobile numbers and message in spreadsheet and send to anybody. You can also use data from spreadsheet to customise

 your message.


Run Geographical Campaigns

We facilitate the geographical campaign, this allows you to select the city and have targeted campaign for the relevant city only.

Why us? Because...

We run SMS campaigns only with Active Mobile Numbers.

Have access to All Mobile networks in Pakistan.

Trusted, Authenticated & Reliable name in the market

Industries we served

Following industries have been taking advantages of our SMS solution.