• HireYaY

    Attract Top-Quality Candidates Effortlessly. Maximize your reach and engage with potential hires through AI-powered job...

    Posted on February 10, 2023
  • Resume Worded

    Take your resume and LinkedIn profile to the next level. Our AI-powered platform, designed by...

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  • JobtitlesAI

    Easily classify job titles with precision. Our AI-powered API categorizes job titles into field categories...

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  • Kore.ai

    Leading the Way in AI-Powered Customer and Employee Engagement. Our company is at the forefront...

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  • AI Careers

    Effortless AI Job Search. Unleashing data's potential for innovative results.

    Posted on February 8, 2023
  • Proposal Genie

    An AI tool for generating professional proposals on Upwork. User-friendly, accessible from any device, it...

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  • Qatalog

    Qatalog: AI-powered Work OS for Efficient Project Management and Collaboration. Streamline people, operations, and knowledge...

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  • Autumn AI

    Autumn is an AI tool to detect and prevent burnout without surveys. It integrates with...

    Posted on February 7, 2023
  • Dost

    Generate inclusive, bias-free, and microaggression-free messages effortlessly with Dost's AI-powered Slack and MS Teams app.

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  • Moveworks

    Revolutionize work issues resolution with Moveworks. Our AI-powered platform quickly solves problems, prevents future ones,...

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