Since lockdown began, Internet usage has surged by between 50% and 70%. This means that your brand will be visible to a higher number of people and there is a ton of opportunity for those who employ the right digital marketing strategy. 


As we all know SEO is important not only as a crucial method for getting users to engage with your web content but also to have a solid online presence and right now it will set yourself up for success once search behaviour normalises.


Why is SEO especially important for SMBs?

There are 3 main reasons:

  • Local search is crucial
  • People are looking to support SMBs
  • SEO gives SMBs a competitive edge

Is it really beneficial for my startup?

Yes, SEO provides you the much needed edge and maximum leverage

  • Cost effective
  • Long term growth
  • Builds trust
  • Get backlinks
  • Get users feedback
  • Get exposure

Register your startup in a curated list of important directories

Our team manually submit your company in 50+ potential directories to help you increase your search presence online therefore have more customers and users.

Directory Submissions

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  • Submit to 60+ startup directories.
  • Online report with screenshots and links to track the process.
  • Save 20+ hours of your time.

Once the payment procedure is completed, one of our representative will contact you within 1 hour to fill out a form requiring your company and product/service details.